Live & On-Demand Audio/Video Streaming.

IceCast, Shoutcast, IPTV, Wowza & AAC Plus HD, HD Video

We can help you to start streaming from Live Radio or TV, or On-demand Audio or Video. Stream a live video even with rewind capability, Multi-bitrates. with Mobile Streaming support. We support Audio streaming with CentovaCast. Our streaming platforms deliver reliable, flexible, and scalable solutions for any use case or industry.
Want to start your streaming solution? or need a dedicated server or cloud streaming solution? 

Audio Streaming

We provide both Shoutcast and IceCast streaming solutions, You can select the number of listeners and bandwidth requirement. Support SSL Secure streaming, CentovaCast Streaming Radio Management Console, FREE HTML5 JPlayer/Muses Player with Mobile Support.
You can stream PM3, AAC, AAC+ HD, Opus, and OGG.
Our AutoDJ feature will enable to you set up an AutoDJ where music will be played off the cloud, just like a like radio would do.

Video Streaming

Our HD Video streaming comes with both Dedicated and Cloud streaming with CDN Support, Live Encoding on the cloud providing multi-bitrate streaming. You can have a single source streaming to our servers and our streaming servers will re-encode to bulti-bitstream.
You can stream live TV, live events on even on-demand videos, Rewind capabilities even on live streaming. Streams support from IPTV systems, mobile devices, and Web browsers. Geo restriction or Pay-per-view solutions.

Tailor-made Streaming

Our dedicated server streaming solution can help large scale TV/Radio streaming or Media delivery. organizations or resellers who want to sell white-labeled Streaming products.

Our experts can help to customize the solution for your need and keeping the steaming cost to a minimum,
All dedicated streaming comes with dedicated bandwidth, uplink and server resources. Just to one of our experts who help to make a tailor-made solution

Live Stream to Any Device

Stream Video or Audio of your Live event, TV or Radio Station to any device cost-effectively with transcoding and adaptive bitrates.

Cloud DVR

Record your live streams, allow users to rewind or view on demand (VOD) with time-shift capabilities.


Upload your artists, albums and advertisements. create your own schedule and run a live radio stream on the cloud.

Fully Managed

Our experts will monitor and manage your streaming solution 24×7, you will get dedicated steaming support engineers to help solve any issues. it’s a worry-free streaming solution.

Icecast is a streaming media (audio/video) server that currently supports Ogg (Vorbis and Theora), Opus, WebM, and MP3 streams.
It can be used to create an Internet radio station or a privately running jukebox and many things in between. It is very versatile in that new formats can be added relatively easily and supports open standards for communication and interaction.
Shoutcast Server is a software that is used to stream radio stations on our servers, It allows digital audio content, in MP3 or AAC/AAC-HE (High-Efficiency Advanced Audio Coding format), to be broadcast to and from media player software, enabling the creation of Internet radio station. all you need to broadcast is internet access to upload your content.

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