We are here 24x7 to Support & Manage your Network Infrastructure

Keep networks, servers secure and highly available.

With a team of experts and 18+ years of experience in managing servers and infrastructure around the world, we are here to keep your servers secure, managed, up to date and available. Our IT Consulting team can assist you with designing, developing and implementing IT solutions and products with key expertise in system integration, managed services.
We have expertise in Linux, Windows, Virtualizatioan, Backup, and Disaster recovery management, SAN and NAS, Firewalls, MySQL and MariaDB support, Server and Network hardening, Managing and supporting 3rd party Cloud services such as AWB, Asure, Google, and Alibaba Cloud


  • Initial Server/Network optimization
  • Initial Server/Network hardening
  • Initial Firewall, IPS/IDS hardening and optimization
  • Network and Server device patch/security update management
  • Server service deployment
  • Performance optimization
  • 3rd party software installation 
  • Backup management
  • DR site management and implementation
  • Server and Network device health monitoring
  • Web Hosting control panel installation and Management
  • Database server management
  • Web Server management
  • Virtualization and Migration management
  • Cloud migration support
  • Network design and deployment
  • IT Consultancy
  • Compliance management and support PCI-DSS, ISO27001
  • VPN Solutions and management
  • Content delivery and streaming solution management

Product Support

  • cPanel server management
  • CentOS server management
  • Windows server management
  • VMware Hypervisor management
  • DNS management
  • Active Directory management
  • Exchange Server management
  • pfSense, Endian, CSF, APF and other Open Source Firewall management
  • FreePBX IP phone system management
  • FreeNAS, UNRAID NAS management
  • OwnCloud cloud storage management
  • MariaDB and MySQL management
  • AWS (Amazon Web Services) solution management
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Service management
  • Google Cloud Service and Google apps management
  • Postfix, Dovecot, Amavis etc Linux MTA/MDA management

Our teams are available 24×7 for a one-off incident support request to the monthly contracted helpdesk and support services. customizable Service Level Agreements (SLA) to suit your needs.

Our Whitelabel support can support your customers directly as helpdesk or manage solutions as your own team and branded as your own team. Our teams are experts in remote support services and product management resulting in faster resolution time.

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